Why Choose a Parquet?

Why Choose a Parquet?

Are you looking for the new floor in your home? Find out what are the advantages of a wooden floor for your house!
Surely you have been presented with many opportunities and choices: stoneware floors, marble floors, tiled floors or even wooden floors.

The choice of flooring is in fact very personal, so you have a wide choice that is also capable of confusing. It is therefore important to keep in mind the main advantages of each type of flooring, and then compare them and make the best choice for what your personal needs are.

So let’s see what are the main characteristics and advantages of a wooden parquet for your home.

Rediscover Nature

As soon as you enter a house or hotel with a wooden floor, you immediately feel the difference in the environment. In fact, parquet is a very special thing that, if done in an elegant and precise way, will surely make those who enter the room experience a feeling of serenity.
In a world with too much plastic, too much concrete and too much asphalt, having a wooden parquet at home, perhaps to be combined with other wooden elements, such as furniture or libraries, can give you a moment of respite and relaxation from the accumulated stress. In fact, there is a “change of environment” that will make the return home after the work day more pleasant and relaxing

Elegance and sobriety

Another feature of wooden floors is their elegance. The more sober environment will make the atmosphere of the house feel lighter, less heavy and more minimal. This philosophy is very much in vogue in recent times and tries to restore a kind of balance in everyday life. It is characterized by letting go of all the superfluous, focusing on the points of value of things. There is therefore less accumulation of uselessness, both in the sense of the products we buy but also in terms of the environment in which we live. The wooden parquet blends perfectly with all this given its natural elegance that allows you to enjoy a cleaner and more relaxing atmosphere.


Parquet in general certainly has many benefits and can please many people. But it is good to remember that there are many types, precisely because there are many types of wood and many possible treatments. In fact, in our catalog you can find many examples of the treatments we offer. We could say that it is a simple matter of personal taste, but in reality a certain type of parquet is suitable for a certain type of environment. In fact, it would be a contrast to offer one of our customers, who is looking for a rustic atmosphere for his home, a white and gold tita parquet with a glossy treatment. The possible customizations on this type of floor are really many, and each of this has its own specific style which inspires it. Our advice is to always see with your own eyes a board of that specific type of parquet, in order to get the most accurate idea possible of what the final result will be

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

Another characteristic of parquet, due to its wooden composition, is the insulation from temperatures that are too cold, which in case we like to walk barefoot inside the house would certainly annoy us, both from external noise or between floors. In fact, sound insulation is an intrinsic property of parquet. Certainly we are not talking about ad hoc solutions for recording studios, but when you build your own house, a house in which you want to live for many years, even the characteristic of isolation can be very important.

Resistance to time

The last advantage we want to talk to you about today is the resistance to time that parquet has. By this we mean both from a technical point of view and from a style point of view. In fact, the parquet, with modern technology of laying and precision cuts, allows it to be kept in good condition without special treatments. In this way, with small adjustments, you can enjoy this floor for many years. The second resistance to time is instead in terms of style. In fact, parquet will not go out of fashion easily, it is a classic. This allows you to welcome friends and relatives in the best way even after many years with a welcoming and elegant environment. Even if you want to sell the property, this feature could be very interesting for you


If you are interested in this type of floor, we advice you to read also this our article HOW TO CHOOSE THE PARQUET where we will discuss more in detail about this choice